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We are Lykke Studios, and we make games.

We create unique and premium gaming experiences for everyone to enjoy. 

We work mainly with Apple Arcade, AR & Ai.


Winner of Apple Design Award 2023

Stitch. is a casual puzzle game that lets you create beautiful embroidery patterns, by solving levels and Hoops of various difficulties and sizes. It's easy to learn, but hard to master!

Apple Design Award Winner.png

Find it on Apple Arcade

lumen. is a puzzle game with unique mechanics, where you have to solve levels by using lights, mirrors and lenses.

You will find yourself in the old attic of Olivia McLumen and discover her mysterious vintage lumen box. OIivia McLumen lived in Scotland over a 100 years ago and was a great inventor of her time. Solve puzzles to recreate the stories of her inventions!


Apple Design Award Finalist 2022


‘tint.’ is a new type of puzzle that lets you solve levels by mixing watercolors to the matching the color of the origami. We are proud to have the game selected for Apple Arcade.



The new Augmented Reality Puzzle Experience. Play around with historic pieces to solve the puzzles. It will be an epic journey that moves you. Literally.


Aivolution is a machine learning educational game in which you design and train Ai creatures to compete in various challenges. If you do it well, you will unlock new levels and reach the global leaderboards.

Taokaenoi Football Cup

Unlock your new challenge as a champion goalkeeper to reach the highest status of your league. Lykke Studios and the TaoKaeNoi brings World Cup to your living room using Augmented Reality. 
(Only available during 2018 World Cup)

Augmented reality filters

New face filters bring users on Facebook and Instagram fun shareable content they want to share with the whole world.

Say Hi!

Do drop us an email and say Hi or ask a question about our games.
We primarily produce our own products, but have an open mind, so feel free to share ideas – and maybe we will build together.

Our Team

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